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Claire Sonnier Studio

My jewelry is based in love and connection; with ourselves, with others, and with the natural world. Nature is my inspiration, connection is my intention, and love is my motivation. It it with these values that I create heirloom quality jewelry that is beautiful, authentic, meaningful, ethical, and intentional. 

I’ve been working with my hands for as long as I can remember and feel that my purpose in life is to connect people with beauty and meaning through creation. After receiving my BFA in Jewelry & Metals from the University of Georgia in 2011, I moved to beautiful Colorado to work for the incredible luxury designer, Todd Reed.

It was from him and his master metal smiths that I learned to refine my skills as a jeweler and cultivate the quality craftsmanship that I apply to my own work today.


I believe in authenticity, connection, meaningful experiences, and love as the medium that holds it all together.



When I moved to Colorado from Georgia in 2011 I had no idea what kind of journey I was embarking on. Living in the wilderness of the Rocky mountains ignited a passion for nature and exploration that drives everything I do to this day. Since making that move I’ve visited over 30 National Parks, embarked on countless trips through the desert Southwest, driven solo for 3 weeks from southern California to Mt. Rainier and back, spent a few beautiful months exploring the island of Maui, road tripped with my parents through Montana and Wyoming, drove my Dad to see the Grand Canyon for the first time, and spent countless hours watching the night sky and laughing over campfires with good friends. 


Custom Landcape Jewelry
Subaru Outback Camping

Not only have these and other poignant experiences shaped who I am as a person, they are the driving force behind the jewelry I make today.

I'm in love with all things wild and draw most of my inspiration from the natural world--from the tiniest plants to the most expansive vistas. I'm also fascinated with the history of jewelry as one of the most primitive art forms and love to experiment with ways to merge it with my love for nature into tangible, meaningful, wearable works of art that will last for generations. I feel so honored to be a part of the age-old tradition of humans making beautiful things for other humans.


Handcrafted + Responsibly Sourced 

Claire Sonnier Jewelry

I create every piece in my home studio using timeless metal smithing techniques that infuse my work with the sort of soul that can only be achieved by human hands. I use pen and paper to sketch out your designs, and I hand-forge your pieces without the use of 3D printing, CAD, or computers.

I use only SCS-Certified 100% recycled metals and carefully vet my diamond and gemstone sources, ensuring your jewelry makes the most positive impact on the environment and the people who work to bring those materials to you.

Cute Jewelry Studio

10% Back to the Planet


Through my journeys I have developed a deep appreciation for wild places and the need to preserve them for the health of our planet for future generations. This is why I donate 10% of all profits directly to conservation efforts and social causes around the United States. I believe that businesses can be a force for good, and I am proud to be a small part of the big changes being made in the world today. 

Outdoorsy Jewelry Designer

Learn more about who your jewelry supports:

Image by Richard Lee

The Nature Conservancy

Image by Vincent Ledvina

Sugarloaf Fire Department

Cedar Mesa Handprints

Friends of Cedar Mesa

I believe that meaningful experiences are what ignites our souls and connects us with our world and all of the beautiful people and creatures we share it with. My sincerest hope is that when you wear my jewelry you get the same sense of joy, meaning, and connection that I get while making it for you. 


I love hearing about your meaningful experiences and am absolutely honored to create heirloom reminders of your most deeply connected moments. 


Claire Sonnier
Handcrafted + Responsibly Sourced
10% back to the planet
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